Love Issue – Issue 85 – Editors Note with Vickie Magic

by Vickie Magic

Love, love, love: love is definitely in the air. September really is the month of love.

Did you know there are more weddings in September than any other month of the year?

And who doesn’t LOVE spring.

I must share with you two beautiful serendipity moments that have happened since the last issue. They both happened while putting this magazine together.

I didn’t always believe that absolutely everything happens exactly when it should. In fact, I have to admit that I used to be a sceptic, a non-believer.  I have completely turned the corner of my life and now 100 per cent believe in almost anything.  I find that when I believe in things, THINGS JUST HAPPEN.

So back to my serendipity moments. The first one happened after I got a phone call from a prospective client, to come and visit her, to chat about potentially putting an ad in the magazine.

Would we be the right magazine for them to advertise in?

Would we suit them?

Would we suit what they do?

When I asked her what she wanted to advertise, she said, ‘an exhibition of her art, for a show in September’. And wait for it the theme was LOVE! Da da, are you kidding? Of course you should advertise with us, THIS IS OUR LOVE ISSUE.

It seemed that serendipity had stepped in to make her pick up the magazine and then to give me a call.  Of course, it seemed only fitting that we include a piece of this beautiful artwork on our cover.  See pages 10 and 34 for more details about internationally renowned, local artist Julia Carter and her upcoming exhibition. I have just LOVED dealing with you and getting to know you.

And then serendipity stepped in one more time for me.  My awesome designer, Leisa Kay Fleming, who has been with the magazine for years, let me know that she had been offered an amazing opportunity which she just had to take. This left me a little up in the air. While, of course, I was happy for her, WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO?

Seriously, within a week I saw a post on Facebook from a designer I used to work with, saying it was her last day at the magazine we both worked at in Brisbane. I quickly sent her a little pm saying, “Hey, what are you going to do”, and she answered, “I am going freelance and was going to call you”.

I am so excited to introduce our absolutely amazing new designer, Jade Russell. Jade has been with Style Magazines in Brisbane for almost 10 years and I have to say was always one of the best designers I had ever come across. Great designs but, even more importantly, a great attitude. Welcome Jade, we are both excited and grateful to welcome you to our little team.

Enjoy our love issue with all sorts of articles on love. ‘Loving yourself’, ‘Loving your clients’, ‘Loving what you do’, ‘Loving the Sunshine Coast’.

LOVE LOVE LOVE.  How could we not love being surrounded by such beauty! I have to say for the millionth time, I am so grateful to call the beautiful Sunshine Coast my home – not only do I love the beach (a lot), but I absolutely love the people here. I have never lived anywhere where people just totally support each other so much.

Thank you for supporting this magazine and thank you for supporting me personally.  I just LOVE it.