Matters Magazine is a quarterly publication about 'WHAT MATTERS MOST ON THE SUNSHINE COAST', it is all about inspiring the reader to be the best version of themselves possible, and have the best business possible.  It’s about education, inspiration and connection for like-minded business professionals and business owners.  Getting your product, brand or service in front of people continually will inspire them to get to know you, get to like you get to trust you, and then buy from you.

The major point of difference for the magazine is that it allows business owners to become the expert in their industry by writing a matters page or column on their area of expertise. It’s a CONTENT drive magazine. This gives our advertisers the credibility they need to stand out in a sometimes-crowded marketplace.

Vickie has been in the advertising world since 2003 and now runs and own Matters Magazine. Vickie believes that if someone is passionate and purpose driven they can learn anything and have anything their heart desires. She used this knowledge to learn the necessary skills to run the magazine. At first doing an editing course, then a publishing course, proof reading course and more recently she is proud to share that she is now a Journalist.

Since inception in 2006, Business Matters Magazine NOW Matters Magazine has an ever expanding growth in readership. The feedback we are receiving is that our readers love the development advice, personally and for their business, financial insights and a host of contributing editor’s articles sourced from leaders in their field.

The Magazine is hand delivered to almost every business that has a shopfront, from Beerwah to Pomona (we say almost because we just keep finding more and more businesses) and includes an online presence viewed by readers all over Australia and indeed the world.

Our VIP subscription is fantastic value and not only gets you a hard copy of the magazine, it also gets you a ticket to four launches, fantastic value at just $150 + GST per year.

 MATTERS MAGAZINE IS OFFERING ANY SUNSHINE COAST BUSINESS A FREE MINI WRITE UP just for spending 30 minutes with a member of our team to find out more about the magazine - (yes we will try to sell you advertising) however you will receive the free write-up whether you purchase or not.  Contact us at admin@mattersmagazine.com.au or vmagic@bmmag.com.au or phone 5444 4456