Meet the Team

Vickie Magic

Owner/ Journalist/ Editor/ Sales/ Administration

Vickie’s roles in the business are many, from interviewing, writing, editing and selling she certainly keeps herself busy. Vickie is absolutely passionate about making a difference here on the Sunshine Coast with her positive energy and Power of the Mind teachings, she is proud to say that every single page of the magazine is about educating and inspiring the reader to take their business or their life to the next level. Coupled with her in business quarterly training business aimed at increasing productivity for the Businesses, Vickie also runs quarterly Mindset retreats for women, take a look at for more information. 

Dranko Magic (aka Magic)


Originally born in Chile, Magic’s family moved to Australia when we was very young. He spent his childhood in the western suburbs of Brisbane (Inala). He has worked in a variety of industries over the years, including 17 years with Akzo Nobel (paint company). He then made the decision to study photography while there and received a diploma in professional photography. Starting a photography business including photographing weddings, portraits Real Estate and Commercial. Losing his dad in 2006 led to him losing the passion and giving up the business. He then started his own mobile dog service, called it Magic’s K9 Bubbles which quickly grew to a very successful business. In 2010 Vickie and Magic took over Matters Magazine and in Christmas 2010 moved up to the sunny coast full time. Magic says, we live work and play in the best part of the world. Both he and Vickie also often say, “We are not on holidays we live here.” Magic roles with the magazine include photography, delivery, accounts/invoicing and collections and administration.

Zonya Bird   

Head Designer

Hi, my name is Zonya and I am the owner and designer of Creative Bird Design, a graphic design studio based on the Sunshine Coast. With over 30 years of experience as a graphic designer, I still love my job and am passionate about helping other businesses look good.

I completed my diploma in General Vocational Design in the UK, graduating in 1983. This foundation diploma covered interior design, fine art, photography, 3D design, art history and graphic design. I went on to specialise and completed a Higher Diploma in Graphics. I graduated in 1985 with a high achiever’s award and was awarded student of the year. I was selected for a junior designer position from this graduating year; creativity, attention to detail and organisation were paramount in getting this position and are still key attributes I adhere to within my business today.

I am truly thankful for a career that I love.

Isobel Coleman

Sub-Editor and Writer

For as long as she can remember, Isobel has loved words and written stories, so becoming a journalist was a natural step. Isobel believes words to be extremely powerful, not only as a story-telling tool, but as a way to motivate, inspire and engage the reader. From her early days as a rookie reporter, to editing newspapers and magazines, it has been a journey filled with opportunity, excitement and wonderful challenges. Isobel considers herself blessed to make a career out of doing something she truly loves.