Planing Your Pivot

Are you planning your pivot?

How could you pivot your business?

What would you need to do?

Why do you need to?

What is possible for you?

Is it time for you to reinvent?

We can’t just sit back and wait for clients to knock on your door.

That time has passed.

The time now is all about pivoting, all about creation, all about innovation.

How are you pivoting?

How are you innovating?

How are you creating?

Let’s have a look at you, and what you can do?

Well to be honest I think it all comes down to the POWER OF THE MIND. 

It most definitely changes everything.

Whatever you focus your attention to is what you get more of.

This isn’t about positive thinking – The POWER OF THE MIND is about much more than that. 

To me, positive thinking is looking at your garden, putting your hands over your eyes and saying, “No weeds, no weeds”, making an affirmation that your garden has no weeds and that no weeds will ever come. To be honest I don’t see how that can ever be reality. 

The POWER OF THE MIND is very different to that, it’s about looking at your garden and seeing the beautiful flowers, the lush green grass, smelling the gorgeous scents of the roses, and truly appreciating that gorgeous amazing garden.  Then you spot a weed and say to yourself, “Oh look a week, I need that gone”, and you simply walk over, bend down and pull it out. 

There is no need to talk about it, no need to tell anyone who will listen about it, there is no need to sit down and have a three hour discussion about the weed and how annoying it is an how it is destroying your garden, how your garden will never be the same because of this stupid weed, how the weed has wrecked everything. There is no need to tell everyone who will listen how much you hate the weed, how because of this weed you now won’t be able to have the garden of your dreams, all because of this weed, it’s the weeds fault, damn weed! If it wasn’t for this one weed everything would be perfect.

Nope the POWER OF THE MIND, is just about saying, “Oh a weed, I’ll just pull this sucker out as quickly as possible”.

Oh, and sometimes the truth is there are weeds that you simply can’t pull out, you simply can’t get rid of, they are there to stay, what do you do about those weeds?

Here’s the truth, if you water the rest of the garden, move the weed to the corner, don’t water it, don’t talk about it, don’t focus any energy towards it, you will hardly notice it.  Yes of course it’s still there, but it’s no longer taking over, no longer standing out like a sore thumb, no longer the focus of your attention, of your garden. 

Its not big enough to destroy your garden, it’s not going to take over the world, unless of course you let it. (By watering it, talking about it, pointing it out) “Look at this weed, I can’t get rid of it, I hate it, what do you think about this weed, how can I get rid of it, what would you do about it, have you ever seen a weed so horrible”, blah blah blah, focus focus focus and then all of a sudden you don’t see the beauty in the rest of the garden, it’s like it just disappeared before your very eyes. 

And so even when someone points out the weed to you, all you have to say is, “Oh that little tiny weed, I hardly see that anymore, look at these beautiful flowers, smell this beautiful rose, have you ever smelt anything quite so adorable.  Look at the red one, look at the pink one, did you see that yellow one, isn’t this white one the most beautiful rose you have ever seen.  Weed, what weed, I hardly see it anymore.”

So, when we are talking about pivoting our businesses, it’s the same thing, its about focusing on what we want, it’s about focusing on where we are going, focusing and what’s working, focusing on the good things, the great things and doing more and more and more of those.


Let’s do the PIVOT DANCE?

Ask yourself, your clients, your friends, your family, your team,


 listen to what everyone says, one person will come up with something amazing.