Sandra King | My Human Resources Manager

Donna Niazov | Family Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Dale Ingram | Revival Clinic

Mel Myers | Jetpack Web Design

Rod Richards | Business Enterprise Centre Sunshine Coast

John Pickering | Pickering Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Bruce Williams | Conrd Williams

Megyn Carpenter | Rejuvenate Websites

Tania Barton | Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat

Alex Mitchell | Author Support Services

Sean Durkin | Open House Kawana

Horacio Passeggi | Latin America Group Tours

Cath Molloy | Target Training

Bret Davis | BBC Digital

David Reading | Q Business Group

Gerry Morris | ICMI Speakers and Entertainers

Mike Ryan | The Business Class

Sarah | Sunshine Coast Telstra Business Centre

Vickie Johnson | O3Office

Mariana Passeggi | Latin America Group Tours

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