Three tips for online course creation.

by Vickie Magic

I am specialising in coaching people to put their courses together. The thing that I know for sure through having done this myself was that I really did struggle with all of the questions that I needed answered.  Over the last 12 months I have done it all, I’ve done all the research, I’ve done all the work, so that you don’t have to do all of that.  What I want to do as a coach who has been coaching people for over ten years, and as a journalist and magazine owner for more than ten years, is to help you with content and accountability to get it done. 

I truly believe that we all have something within us that we really want to share with the world, maybe you want to share that GOLD you have with the world through an online course.

The thing that’s happening which is really exciting at the moment is the online course world is about to double in size,  so at the moment the size of the online course world is a massive 1.87 billion dollars and that is growing by 2025 to a massive 3.19 billion dollars, so if you have something that you know is gold and that you really want and need to share with the world then now is the time to get it done.

I would like to help you get that done, today I’m going to give you some tips that I wish I had when I was creating my online course,  that would have really helped me to my course out there a lot quicker.

Tip Number One.

How long should the course be?

What’s the sweet spot in length?

I believe after lots of research that it’s really important that your course isn’t too short. If it’s too short people won’t see enough value. but it’s also really important that it isn’t too long because then people will lose interest in getting it done, so it is important that you get that sweet spot. I found that the sweet spot is around six weeks.  They need to start and finish the whole course within six weeks. Then they feel that they’ve got the value and they also don’t feel that it’s taken them too long.  My recommendation is that you drip feed new content every week

Tip Number Two

How many modules how many lessons?

I believe that the perfect number of modules is six. So that it can actually be done within a six-week period. So, the same number of weeks as modules. How many lessons do you have in each module?  The research that I did and what I have done in my courses is I have put five to six lessons in each module. The reasoning behind that is the number of days in the week because you don’t want people doing having to do a lesson everyday they need to have at least one or two days off so that’s why I say between five and six lessons in each of the modules. 

The third tip. 

How long should each of the lessons within each of the modules be? 

It is important once again that the lessons are not too long because if they are too long people will just feel that it’s dragging out, that’s there is too much work for them to do to complete the course so you want them to complete your course that’s a really important part of the course. You want ensur that they complete it so they get that satisfaction of completing the whole thing and if they complete that then they’ll want to come back and look at your other courses and then complete those too. I have found that the length of time that you want to put into each of the lessons is between five to ten minutes.

Tip Four

Add a little quiz or exercise at the end of each module. So that they can actually download that exercise or that quiz go through it answer some questions so that they can make sure that they have taken in all of the content of that prior module so one exercise or quiz at the end of each module only you don’t want too many exercises or too many quizzes because, once again,  they feel overwhelmed we don’t want our end user to be feeling in anyway overwhelmed them we want them to think, “Wow this is amazing, this is great,  I love this content and I’m getting through it really easily”.  We want them to feel that it’s easy to get done. 

Play fallout, focus your attention on what matter, life matters, business matters, but more than that YOU matter.

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