Your Beliefs Make or Break you!

Are your beliefs making you or breaking you? 

Whatever it is that you believe to be true is true for you. 

The big problem that we all have is ridding ourselves of these crazy limiting beliefs. They are killing us.  


Did you know that it’s our limited beliefs that keep us playing small.  We tell ourselves over and over why we can’t, we get to where we actually really believe that we can’t.  We convince ourselves of this truth and we use evidence from the past, (where we tried and failed) to validate our rightness of the “I can’t”.

So the very next time you try to tell yourself that you can’t. No matter what it is that you are thinking and believing that you can’t do. I want you to step back, take a breath and ask yourself this question instead. “How can I?”. And then really think about your answer, do you know any one at all that has ever achieved at what you want to do. What they they do? How did they succeed? Could you do that? Could you try that?

Have a massive brain storm about what you could do.  About how you might achieve and if your heads starts to say, “You’ve tried that and it didn’t work”, then I want you to remind yourself that YOUR PAST DOES NOT EQUAL YOUR FUTURE. And to let that crap go. I want you to simply remind yourself to focus on ‘How can I’ and just keep looking for ways.  You will come up with something that will work, and believe it or not, it may actually even be something that you have tried before and been unsuccessful.  Try try try and try again.  If you keep on getting up, if you keep on going back, if you keep on showing up. Guess what, you will eventually succeed at whatever it is that you currently can’t do. That is the absolute TRUTH.

Remember this – the truth is whatever you say the truth is, so you get to CHOOSE the truth that you want for yourself, what are you choosing?